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i want these badass shoes badly. enough said.

ps : why is everyone calling him BACON now ??
tsk. we're always imitated never duplicated. yeah, you nomsayin' haha

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Just Imagine having only 24 hours to live before your life came to an end, and you had to leave this world forever.
If this were your last day, what would you want to do?
Would you just sit back and smoke a cigarette?
Who would you want to see the most?
Is there someone you’d want to try to find?
Or is there a secret you’d just like to keep without telling anyone?
If you lived a life with no regrets, would you still be smiling when it’s all over?
Or would the judgments of God cause you to tremble and shake?

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the weekend was productive.
Korean course, "Endang" movie premiere and Noraebang (korean karaoke) on Saturday; Big Bang Indonesia Forum gathering on Sunday.

I came late to the premiere of miyuki's "Endang" documentary film. When i got there the movie has already reached its ending and i felt kinda bad about it. Miyuki san was there but Takahiro and Takafumi didnt come. In case you guys are wondering what's the movie all about. Well, The plot revolves around the braveness of an Indonesian student who was killed after saving 2 Japanese students at Isegawa beach. The film was directed and produced by my friend, Inoue Miyuki. She produced this movie on a personal budget. And when being asked about it, she said that she was moved when she heard about the tragedy and she was upset that there were not a lot of Japanese media made a big cover on this matter. She thought everyone needed to know about it, thus she produced this documentary.

I have actually seen it when it was being played in Bandung last month, but i decided to see it again to show my support to her. It's nice to see people's enthusiasm on this documentary, it was shown by the vast amount of people who filled the Japan Foundation's Auditorium that day. Miyuki san has gone back to Japan yesterday and she is going to enroll this documentary to some of the film festivals in Japan. Hopefully, when i go to Japan later this year, i'll be able to hang out with her again.

Anyhow, i am going to Singapore next week. I am going there to meet up Sean Kingston and to attend his showcase at the Ministry of Sound on April 8th. I am also going to be the stringer for one of the youth magazines in Indonesia. Basically, i'll just make the report of the showcase and also do the exclusive interview with Sean Kingston.

I am not sure of the itinerary yet. However, for my singaporean friends, it will be really really really fun if we can hang out for awhile, even if it's gonna be a short meeting. I am most likely going to stay at The Peninsula Hotel Singapore. If you want to meet up, please send me a msg and let me have your phone numbers before my departure date. I am not really sure if i can access the internet when im in Singapore later.. Well, unless they provide the room with the free wireless connection :D

PS : are there a lot of hotspots (free wireless connection) area in Singapore ? im considering to bring along my laptop with me..

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i am back.
yes, i have neglected this lj for a damn long time and im not sure people are reading this anymore, but owh well.

updates :

i dont work in the production field anymore.
[[[[goodbye crews, goodbye EPs, goodbye wardrobes, goodbye casting directors, etc etc]]]]

i am now helping my aunt, running her company.

i am also a contributor for this magazine called KOZINE www.mykozine.com
it's a singapore based free lifestyle magazine.
it's a bilingual one.
English and Korean
i write in english and my korean teacher will translate them into hangul for me.
my life revolves around Daehan Minguk now. yay.

what else..

oh yeah, it's almost 5 in the morning and im still awake.
i need to get up in 3 hrs so i can listen to the radio and participate in this certain quiz, that will send me to SG to see Sean Kingston concert.
no, i am not a fan of him.
im joining the fun because my BFF told me to.
if i come out as a winner, we'll get to travel together.
and nothing could be more fun than traveling with your BFF, right ?

nothing really changes, eh
junkierawkstar is still a cheap bitch.

ps : i have a facebook, please do add me if you're interested
type the name SARI BURGESS


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My whole life was shaped by my old man. He's the source for my natural survival skills that are roughly two percent of all the pain I've dealt with. Ninety eight percent is compiled by the sneering I received in the past. I see it when I close my eyes at night.

Revenge is mine, this is going my way

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It's been 3 years.
3 fuckin years and the wound is still not healed yet.
i really wish i had a little more time
to tell him that he's the most precious thing in the world to me
and that i love him more than anything in this world..
you are still number one in my heart.
i hope you're having fun on that next leg of the journey...

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

After the long of waiting, they finally aired the documentary of IDK journey on KBS World last friday and yesterday for the last rerun.

Eventhough i've been "warned" that this documentary would be aired worldwide, i've never really expected my acquaintances abroad would be that lucky enough to catch a glimpse of me in this documentary.

Err yeah.. please note that i didnt really make an effort to let them know about this whole documentary thing, so there's actually a really really small chance for them to find out about it..

However, it seems that my luck has been runnin really low lately. Look what i received in my inbox yesterday :

"So you were in KBS World tv!!!!!!!!!!
and you got to meet JunJin!!..saw Epik High in YDLL
and got to kiss n smell Hyun Bin shirt!!!!!!
sialan lo!! sudah jadi superstar di KBS!! lucky beetch!!!hahaha! jeles banget gua!!..
but i was so happy for you babes..!..i was telling all my sisters i know you gals!!"

oh yeah.. that's my fiercy singaporean friend..
i told you all i (*cough* we..) was (were) going to be famous for 30 minutes !
And now, when people see the IDK kids.. they all will know that the chapter of our lives entitled "SEOUL"

Hell, the chapter of my life is still entitled STOCKHOLM !

However, seriously, when i watched the documentary and saw myself on TV... i couldn't think of anything else but "BEEJEZZUS ! WHAT AN AWFUL SET OF TEETH I HAVE THERE ERR HERE ! NOOOOOOO !! FUGLY FUGLY TEETH !"

oh yes, we did have fun shooting the documentary. the laughter, the joy. it was a memorable moment indeed. However, being as vain as i can and always be, my whole cognition of this documentary has changed.

It's no longer a beautiful reminder of the good times in Seoul, it's a reminder of how bad i need a BRACES !

oh yes, im a self-centered bastard.
you just noticed that ?

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요즘 네 안부를 물었어
행복한지 누굴 만나는지
예전처럼 넌 아름다운지
그렇게 잘 지내길, 잘 지내길
아픈 일 다신 없길
새로운 사랑이 어울린다는
그 말 듣기만 기다리면서

아무 대답 없는 너의 안부만이
널 애써 지워낸 내 맘을
다시 아프게만 해

그저 괜찮은 척 하고
조금 난 웃어만 보였어
모른다고 지난 일이라고
아니 그냥 장난이었다고
그렇게 믿어지길 차라리 잊혀지길
장난해 보려고 아무 말 않고서
놀리는 거라 믿고서

행복해줘 이젠 행복해줘... Haengbokhaejwo ijen haengbokhaejwo ...

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