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so yes, it's true i turned 27 on Dec 7th
i was at the mall with my bestfriend when i ran into another close friend of mine (uci) who was looking for a present for my other friend (lissy) who's having a birthday on dec 8th .. errr.. puzzling, i know..

anyway.. we gathered up at this small cafe when my korean friend, song young min called. He was heading off back to Korea and wanted to see me before he left jakarta and he asked me if i could ring my other friend, Tarie, so she could join the fun.

When young min showed up, he brought me this creamy fruity cake and said he was meaning to bring a champagne or wine as well but my other friends (tarie and uci) said he shouldnt because the notorious aee shouldnt be drinking due to her liver problem. pffft..

uci, tarie + transgender aee

me + uci :

me trying to be cute

me + donna :

me looking tired and shitty..

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