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After the long of waiting, they finally aired the documentary of IDK journey on KBS World last friday and yesterday for the last rerun.

Eventhough i've been "warned" that this documentary would be aired worldwide, i've never really expected my acquaintances abroad would be that lucky enough to catch a glimpse of me in this documentary.

Err yeah.. please note that i didnt really make an effort to let them know about this whole documentary thing, so there's actually a really really small chance for them to find out about it..

However, it seems that my luck has been runnin really low lately. Look what i received in my inbox yesterday :

"So you were in KBS World tv!!!!!!!!!!
and you got to meet JunJin!!..saw Epik High in YDLL
and got to kiss n smell Hyun Bin shirt!!!!!!
sialan lo!! sudah jadi superstar di KBS!! lucky beetch!!!hahaha! jeles banget gua!!..
but i was so happy for you babes..!..i was telling all my sisters i know you gals!!"

oh yeah.. that's my fiercy singaporean friend..
i told you all i (*cough* we..) was (were) going to be famous for 30 minutes !
And now, when people see the IDK kids.. they all will know that the chapter of our lives entitled "SEOUL"

Hell, the chapter of my life is still entitled STOCKHOLM !

However, seriously, when i watched the documentary and saw myself on TV... i couldn't think of anything else but "BEEJEZZUS ! WHAT AN AWFUL SET OF TEETH I HAVE THERE ERR HERE ! NOOOOOOO !! FUGLY FUGLY TEETH !"

oh yes, we did have fun shooting the documentary. the laughter, the joy. it was a memorable moment indeed. However, being as vain as i can and always be, my whole cognition of this documentary has changed.

It's no longer a beautiful reminder of the good times in Seoul, it's a reminder of how bad i need a BRACES !

oh yes, im a self-centered bastard.
you just noticed that ?

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